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 Spike Lee is a Bird Head .....and a half ....

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The Real Bomb Thrower Falsley Convicts

This violent murderer , this Marxist Freak ..Bill Ayers and his  equally crazy Wife Berardine Dohrn really did throw real live explosives, and really did murder San Francisco Police Sargent Brian V. McDonnel.

Ayers is totally unlike Andrew Breitbart in every way, yet in his twisted mind of a murderer Ayers thinks giving a symbolic tone will excuse him and his wife from their commission of murder and assign the mark of a terrorist in Andrew Breitbart.  Maybe Jimmy Carter excused these freaks because Carter is a freak himself, but I don't, and I certainly believe you don't either . 

You should be as livid about this as I am here.

Andrew Breitbart could stand at a podium and give a speech  to a massive crowd right off the top of his head for sometimes up to a half hour causing horrendous applause..this abysmal freak of human nature Ayers can't even deliver a simple 90 second monologue without reading it from a piece of paper,

 Gee, I though all liberals were supposed to be the smartest people on Earth , well at least they are according to them ...

The huge gaping problem with America today is that people like Ayers and Dohrn got pardons for being murdering terrorists,  and after they have been wrongfully pardoned by an idiot in office for a terror murder ,they feel they  can just simply turn around and try to call other people terrorists , only to compound the apparent stupidity of some of Americas past leaders ..this is wrong this should stop and Carters pardon should be rescinded . Ayers and Dohrn should be serving triple life sentences , not giving forums .
On Feb. 16, 1970 , San Francisco Police Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell was killed by shrapnel from an anti-personnel bomb built and planted by Bill Ayers’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn, according to an FBI report.

Here is the murderous Idiot giving his 90 second "reading" to the rest of radical America ...and to think he could have saved us all Youtube time and just emailed that crap to the leftist whack jobs

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Three Boo's for Anne Coulter, and Romney Care

Anne Coulter has totally lost it.
In her latest column entitled "Three Cheers for Romney Care"  She tries to contrast her strange idea of a constitutionality for  Romney Care against a non constitutionality of Obama Care , and under the Commerce Clause of the US constitution both are in fact deemed as UN-constitutional.

 Anne feebly tries to regale her article with sounding trumpets in airing that the Heritage Foundation helped design Romney care , but omits the real fact that the Heritage Foundation had renounced it's support for Romney Care and the individual mandate  quite early on and pulled the plug at the onset.

Anne also tries to Impress on her readers that Romney Care is solely designed by a group of conservative think tanks which have all since hit the eject button on the Romney Care bill.

Anne also rather conveniently omits in her article that the number one sole architect of Romney care is in fact a Mr. Jonathan Gruber a known Health economist and ultra left Liberal who also used the exact same design as he was also the main architect for Obama Care. 

These are the gaping holes in her argument to conservatives that in her eyes Romney was a "triumph for conservative free-market principles"  We aren't stupid Anne , we can check facts and we know Romney care has nothing to do with conservative free-market principles whatsoever , in fact it just forces citizens to buy something they may not necessarily want or need under threat of fines or punishment's a running experiment in disaster and tyranny at it's best.

Mr Gruber quoted  in an article in the Wall Street Journal (Wall Street Journal April 18, 2011)  said the following on record   "Massachusetts absolutely was the model" for ObamaCare, Mr. Gruber told the Washington Post. "It would have been much harder if we didn't have a working example to show that it worked."  So in essence from the Architects mouth we already know that Romney Care and Obama Care were drawn up from the exact same plan and are one and the same.

Romney Care is not only unconstitutional in it's scope , but it has turned into a major disaster for the state of Massachusetts , where Romney Care now actually causes more people  to go without health insurance and simply accept paying a fine reducing the number of insured to lower levels than previous to it's inception.  Romney Care has also bolluxed the entire State medical system in the way Doctors and Hospitals now must dispense care to their patients.

I wonder : Even though she can quote it , Does Anne really even understand our Constitution and the limits of the Commerce clause ? She sure talks funny for supposedly being a conservative :

What went wrong with Romney Care wasn't a problem in the bill, but a problem in Massachusetts: Democrats.

First, the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature set the threshold for receiving a subsidy so that it included people making just below the median income in the United States, a policy known as "redistribution of income." For more on this policy, see "Marx, Karl."

Then, liberals destroyed the group-rate, "no frills" private insurance plans allowed under Romney Care (i.e. the only kind of health insurance a normal person would want to buy, but which is banned in most states) by adding dozens of state mandates, including requiring insurers to cover chiropractors and invitro fertilization -- a policy known as "pandering to lobbyists."

For more on "pandering" and "lobbyists," see "Gingrich, Newt." (Yes, that's an actual person's name.)

It also makes me wonder if  Anne Coulter had been Smoking something when she wrote her article ?

Anne Coulter claims the problem with Romney Care is not the bill itself , of course not .. but instead it's the the Democrats who helped develop it that's a totally incomplete and "stoned out" way to describe a disaster like Romney Care .

I hate to inform You Anne Coulter , but the real problem here are liberal leftist Democrats  (See  Marx , Karl  ) and the crony capitalist establishment  Republicans (see Romney, Willard )  and the conservative in name only political hacks (See Coulter, Anne ) who play along with them .
Looks to me like We will wind up having our day in court against President Scofflaw...

Way back in 2008 I had predicted right here and on other Boards that before the end of his term , President Obama would be led out of the White house with two US marshals on either side holding an arrest warrant , lots of people were laughing at me and saying I was silly and ridiculous , only it now looks like I really am the clairvoyant after all ... : American Thinker - Obama Got Served

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My Open Letter to the Organizers and Supporters of Occupy Wall Street

Dear Supporters of Occupy Wall Street,

You have for months on end illustrated to us your brand of contention to our American value system, and have since asked Americans to support your Cause which incidentally no one , not even yourselves are absolutely sure exactly which cause that is .

Despite our Laws and in lieu of going through proper legal channels to register your protests, and organize yourselves under our laws, your organization had instead taken the law into its own hands as we all witnessed the results of this usurpation of all legality.

I offer into evidence the following:
Individuals and supporters including organizers aligned with Occupy Wall Street selling and using illegal hard drugs at your protest events.

The Raping and stalking of your female supporters by your male supporters during these events to the point where you could not even protect them by dividing your camps by gender.
Eventually your supporters showed up to protest at the Congress center in Washington DC where your supporters pushed an 78 year old Grandmother down a flight of stairs causing her grave injury.

Your Organization has been Setting up Illegal transient Camping areas in our public parks and causing environmental disorder to the point where under far less than normal health conditions a number of your supporters had been found dead in their tents who succumbed either from exposure to open disease or drug overdose .

And a spate of murders that have enveloped supporters and their families surrounding your movement and your protests.

Making blatant provocations and threats to our Police officers and public officials,
Blocking the right of way for emergency vehicles and public transit.
General destruction to public and private property.
Assaulting our Police officers and causing them bodily harm.

Threatening our Media with acts of violence against their persons.

And at last, you're supporters had quite recently illegally entered one of our Governmental buildings which are deemed as our public domain, and had stolen the symbol of our Nation from its walls and publicly burned it.

And after all this you will still dare ask Americans for our support in furthering your unknown cause...utterly ridiculous.

Reasonably your last and most recent act was a final and outrageous  illegal act of War against the American people as a society, and thus as Americans under our Constitution we will now reserve our right under our second Amendment articles to dully arm ourselves forthwith and to protect ourselves, our Families, our personal property, our public property, and our personal sovereignty under these Laws.

This of course means that you and your entire  Occupy Wall Street Organization are all now in dire peril of being  placed in harm’s way,  or under threat of a grave reaction by any and all of the prescribed Militias,  who are coming to the juncture of correcting you and your organization for your blatant acts of insurrection against the American people.

Please take this as a stern warning from someone who means you absolutely no Harm, and someone who now seriously admonishes your entire organization to further cease and desist in engaging in your illegal actions against the American People.

I sincerely hope that divine providence will be your guide in this matter, and that common sense will be your standard in how you proceed from here.


John P Cline
A Citizen in good standing of the United States of America


    My Summation


    Monday, January 23, 2012


    I've been making a huge mistake for many years Folks and I'm also Man enough to admit it to the entire World when I am dead wrong about something like this .

     All this time I have been dead wrong since I first ever perceived ANNE COULTER  as being one of the true Conservatives , she's not even a Conservative at all, Anne by her own words proves to be  just another Big Tent  Establishment Republican political Hack of the worse kind...

    It appears Anne may also have a hidden agenda that she may not be telling us about .. I can only derive this from all her pro GOP rhetoric making her logic appear in rather only a fiduciary sense in matters surrounding a certain Candidate and the primaries in her latest wording.

    Clearly in this video Anne illustrates that she is very confused about which of the standing GOP Candidates  are Conservative and which are not.

    And 'boy oh boy' ,  do I ever feel stupid for ever thinking of Anne Coulter as being a true Conservative now?  Yes  I  really do ....but at least I know I'm not alone in this feeling.   ;)))

    Anne must think that everyone around her is stupider than she is, In fact it's very easy to discover each Candidate's voting records and true political background history , it requires no real research , however Anne,  apparently  could not possibly think that we might  read about all of that in say  The Conservative "Club for Growth Whitepapers"   or even over at  The Heritage Foundation as most REAL  Conservatives will do, but Lil Annie just isn't a real Conservative now,  is She.