Monday, January 23, 2012


I've been making a huge mistake for many years Folks and I'm also Man enough to admit it to the entire World when I am dead wrong about something like this .

 All this time I have been dead wrong since I first ever perceived ANNE COULTER  as being one of the true Conservatives , she's not even a Conservative at all, Anne by her own words proves to be  just another Big Tent  Establishment Republican political Hack of the worse kind...

It appears Anne may also have a hidden agenda that she may not be telling us about .. I can only derive this from all her pro GOP rhetoric making her logic appear in rather only a fiduciary sense in matters surrounding a certain Candidate and the primaries in her latest wording.

Clearly in this video Anne illustrates that she is very confused about which of the standing GOP Candidates  are Conservative and which are not.

And 'boy oh boy' ,  do I ever feel stupid for ever thinking of Anne Coulter as being a true Conservative now?  Yes  I  really do ....but at least I know I'm not alone in this feeling.   ;)))

Anne must think that everyone around her is stupider than she is, In fact it's very easy to discover each Candidate's voting records and true political background history , it requires no real research , however Anne,  apparently  could not possibly think that we might  read about all of that in say  The Conservative "Club for Growth Whitepapers"   or even over at  The Heritage Foundation as most REAL  Conservatives will do, but Lil Annie just isn't a real Conservative now,  is She.