Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Boo's for Anne Coulter, and Romney Care

Anne Coulter has totally lost it.
In her latest column entitled "Three Cheers for Romney Care"  She tries to contrast her strange idea of a constitutionality for  Romney Care against a non constitutionality of Obama Care , and under the Commerce Clause of the US constitution both are in fact deemed as UN-constitutional.

 Anne feebly tries to regale her article with sounding trumpets in airing that the Heritage Foundation helped design Romney care , but omits the real fact that the Heritage Foundation had renounced it's support for Romney Care and the individual mandate  quite early on and pulled the plug at the onset.

Anne also tries to Impress on her readers that Romney Care is solely designed by a group of conservative think tanks which have all since hit the eject button on the Romney Care bill.

Anne also rather conveniently omits in her article that the number one sole architect of Romney care is in fact a Mr. Jonathan Gruber a known Health economist and ultra left Liberal who also used the exact same design as he was also the main architect for Obama Care. 

These are the gaping holes in her argument to conservatives that in her eyes Romney was a "triumph for conservative free-market principles"  We aren't stupid Anne , we can check facts and we know Romney care has nothing to do with conservative free-market principles whatsoever , in fact it just forces citizens to buy something they may not necessarily want or need under threat of fines or punishment's a running experiment in disaster and tyranny at it's best.

Mr Gruber quoted  in an article in the Wall Street Journal (Wall Street Journal April 18, 2011)  said the following on record   "Massachusetts absolutely was the model" for ObamaCare, Mr. Gruber told the Washington Post. "It would have been much harder if we didn't have a working example to show that it worked."  So in essence from the Architects mouth we already know that Romney Care and Obama Care were drawn up from the exact same plan and are one and the same.

Romney Care is not only unconstitutional in it's scope , but it has turned into a major disaster for the state of Massachusetts , where Romney Care now actually causes more people  to go without health insurance and simply accept paying a fine reducing the number of insured to lower levels than previous to it's inception.  Romney Care has also bolluxed the entire State medical system in the way Doctors and Hospitals now must dispense care to their patients.

I wonder : Even though she can quote it , Does Anne really even understand our Constitution and the limits of the Commerce clause ? She sure talks funny for supposedly being a conservative :

What went wrong with Romney Care wasn't a problem in the bill, but a problem in Massachusetts: Democrats.

First, the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature set the threshold for receiving a subsidy so that it included people making just below the median income in the United States, a policy known as "redistribution of income." For more on this policy, see "Marx, Karl."

Then, liberals destroyed the group-rate, "no frills" private insurance plans allowed under Romney Care (i.e. the only kind of health insurance a normal person would want to buy, but which is banned in most states) by adding dozens of state mandates, including requiring insurers to cover chiropractors and invitro fertilization -- a policy known as "pandering to lobbyists."

For more on "pandering" and "lobbyists," see "Gingrich, Newt." (Yes, that's an actual person's name.)

It also makes me wonder if  Anne Coulter had been Smoking something when she wrote her article ?

Anne Coulter claims the problem with Romney Care is not the bill itself , of course not .. but instead it's the the Democrats who helped develop it that's a totally incomplete and "stoned out" way to describe a disaster like Romney Care .

I hate to inform You Anne Coulter , but the real problem here are liberal leftist Democrats  (See  Marx , Karl  ) and the crony capitalist establishment  Republicans (see Romney, Willard )  and the conservative in name only political hacks (See Coulter, Anne ) who play along with them .

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